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Tuesday, May 03, 2016
By Anne Marie's Photography
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Anne Marie's Photography Utah travel dates

I am so excited to announce my Utah trip for this summer.  It has been a long time since I have visited Utah because my husband is in the military and  it is hard to get time off to visit family.  This trip has been made possible because my parents have moved back to Utah after almost 15 years. Now I have a place to crash and dump my kiddos and take time to enjoys ourselves in the best state in the nation. 

Since it has been so long I wanted to make an effort to see old friends by the way of doing some photography.  My business is doing well and I want to make this a business trip as well as a fun trip.  What a better way to see everyone's kids and catch up over a sunset portrait session overlooking the salt lake valley (or anywhere else beautiful). So, please take this opportunity as well as my discounted prices and lets get together. 

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